Corporate Carbon Footprint

Success Story

As part of the preparations for mandatory CSRD reporting in 2025, Ingdilligenz carried out a corporate carbon footprint screening (CCF screening) at one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative technical solutions in the fields of temperature control units and heating technology.

Since the family-owned business thinks long-term and takes the challenge of achieving climate neutrality by 2050 very seriously, it made sense to start taking first steps of setting good and realistic climate targets now. The company is currently already offsetting some of its direct emissions and consistently using green electricity. By determining the organisation’s activity data and converting this into CO2 equivalents, the basis for the final footprint calculation could be established without affecting any business operations.

Due to the excellent level of cooperation with our customer, we were able to carry out the screening in less than 20 PT, thus creating an excellent basis for setting climate targets.

You are intrigued by this topic and would like gain further insights into the world of CCF screenings, our approach and the resulting outcomes? The following report summarizes the project’s entire success story.

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