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Companies face diverse challenges, depending on their starting situation, maturity, and goals. Some organizations only want to meet requirements, ensure compliance with minimal effort, and avoid reputational damage. Others set out to tackle the issue holistically and comprehensively. The best explicitly seize the opportunities that lie in sustainable innovations and new business models.

Accordingly, companies need different forms of advice and technical support. We provide extensive expertise and experience for tasks such as:

  • Determine impact and identify risks
  • Analyze the need for action and potential measures
  • Define priorities and create a roadmap
  • Secure support by key stakeholders
  • Comply with legal requirements and fulfill reporting obligations
  • Localize and integrate relevant data sources
  • Define required key figures and mapping rules
  • Maintain stakeholder satisfaction and avoid reputational damage
  • Understand relevant patterns and identify potential through analytics

  • Manage and control sustainability in all key business areas

  • Optimize of processes and products based on facts

  • Grow a sustainable mindset and openness in the organization

  • Drive digital innovation with a focus on sustainability
  • Search for sustainability opportunities systematically (and seize them!)
  • Develop and implement new business models
  • Cooperate with partners and build networks

It isn’t easy to make strategic decisions around the topic of sustainability. The implications for organization, processes, products, and production are often felt long-term. And they depend on many complex and dynamic factors, such as legal requirements, environmental requirements, and compliance obligations are in massive flux. The expectations of investors, employees, customers, and other stakeholders are increasing. Gone are the days when you only have to pay attention to the opinions of influential investors.

Added to this are the dynamics of digital transformation. The associated technological disruptions and innovations cannot be overlooked, and their impact on the market is usually difficult to predict. The competition has also started to move as a result, but, again, it is not always possible to predict the future.

Companies often find that without knowledge of relevant technologies and markets, making strategic decisions and implementing suitable mechanisms for sustainability is challenging.

Business Consulting Sustainability

We advise and support on topics such as:

  • Business analysis of the current situation

  • Business Process Analysis and Process Mining

  • Identification and definition of internal and external sustainability requirements

  • Development of a sustainability strategy and roadmap

  • Prioritization and management of stakeholder interests

  • Selection of appropriate technology

  • Change Management and Communication Strategies

  • Compliance and Governance

  • Innovation Management

  • Design Thinking, Future Design

  • Lean Management

  • Agile and classic Project Management

Technical Consulting Data & Analytics

Every level of sustainability requires facts and information. Many of the tasks mentioned are correspondingly data-centric and require solid technologies, processes, and knowledge for the management and analysis of data.

We offer a wide range of advice and technical support on topics such as:

  • Data integration and building of data platforms for sustainability

  • Selection and introduction of suitable tools for analysis

  • Development of reports and key figures

  • Complex data analysis to identify correlations in sustainability data

  • Innovation using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Sensors and interfaces

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Management of sustainability data (quality, governance, data protection)

  • Digital Governance / Data Protection

Our own expertise and many years of experience – supplemented by an extensive network of strong partners and experts – enable us to offer a broad portfolio and a comprehensive range of services.

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