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Strategic decision making in the context of sustainability is not easy. Implications for the organization, processes, products, and production are often felt long-term and depend on many complex and dynamic factors:

  • Legal requirements, environmental regulations, and compliance obligations are undergoing massive changes
  • The expectations of investors, employees, customers, and stakeholders are increasing
  • Digital transformation continues to create high dynamics and technological innovations, whose impact on the market is usually difficult to predict
  • The competition is moving constantly and not always transparent
Without knowledge of relevant technologies, processes, and legal developments, making strategic decisions is just as difficult as implementing a suitable technical basis for sustainability in companies.

Our competence and many years of experience – complemented by a large network of strong partners and specialists – allow us to offer a broad portfolio and comprehensive services from a single source.
Ingdilligenz combines different topics like business processes, AI, strategy, data analytics , change management, digital technologies, compliance & governance, I innovation management, sustainability and sustainability reporting.

Business Consulting Sustainability

We advise and support you in building a sustainable business through:

  • Sustainability briefing and assessment of your individual starting position
  • Identification and definition of internal and external sustainability requirements
  • Materiality analysis and definition of comprehensive goals regarding the ESG topics
  • Development of a sustainability strategy 
  • Determination of defined measures and preparation of a roadmap for compliance and governance 
  • Preparation for ISO certifications ISO 14001 and 50001
  • Business process analysis and process omptimization with GreenbyLean
  • Project management using a variety of methods (Design Thinking, Lean Management, Scrum and other classic and modern methods)
  • Change management and communication strategies

Technical Consulting Data & Analytics

Together we can establish your technical foundation for data-driven sustainability:

  • Data stratgies, data integration, and development of data platforms for sustainability
  • Management of sustainability data (quality, governance, data protection)
  • Selection and implementation of suitable tools for analysis
  • Complex data analysis to detect correlations in sustainability data
  • Development of reports and key performance indicators
  • Innovation using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing
  • Sensors and interfaces
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Digital Governance / Data Protection

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